45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (2024)

Computer programming has become a highly sought-after career due to new technical breakthroughs, and it has gradually trickled down to younger generations.Coding games for kids educate them how to think like a computer scientist while also teaching them how to solve problems and develop new things. When children learn to code, their brains have an advantage in learning, memorizing, and processing fresh information. It can also help them develop their creativity and confidence, especially if they are just getting started.

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The core philosophy is to make learning to code fun for kids, therefore I've compiled a well-researched list of the best that teach programming basics while still being entertaining. I've divided the games into groups based on grade and age.

Game design and its operating parameters can be better understood with the help of amusing platforms that providecoding classes for kids.

So, if you want your child to develop a healthy, positive interest in coding from a young age, pay attention to the teaching approach, because coding can be frustrating—even for skilled programmers. A rigorous, by-the-book approach may not be a good option for very young children.

What are the Benefits of Coding Games for Kids?

  • Learning to code is similarto learning to cook in that it is all about figuring out what works and what doesn't. The coding games involve both the "left and right half" of the brain, games like CodeMonkey can assist kids to solve any difficulty they face in their lives. Also, it helps in spontaneous decision-making and problem-solving skills."

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  • Computer science develops skills in a variety of ancillary areas, including maths, science, problem-solving, teamwork, project-based learning, creative arts, and more," according to David Dodge's Coding for Beginners.Having both an analytical and creative attitude is required to produce the things that people want to create, whether it's solving the world's most difficult maths problem or establishing a distinctive website.

  • Hopscotch: Coding for Kids, for example, teaches children not just how to create games using real-world programming languages, but also how to customize them without the use of any documentation. This helps the child develop their creativity and excellent problem-solving skills in a variety of ways.

To know in detail about thegame development for kidsyou can click on this!

When it comes to teaching kids how to code, Fatih Sen of the University of Memphis believes that "making kids appreciate coding is more important than teaching kids how to code."

In such kids coding games children learn how to think critically by constructing a series of "code" using a set of game cards drawn at each round to collect the most "cheese" on the board in coding games like the board game Code & Go, Mouse Mania.It can then "guide" their parents to get "the cheese" in whatever way they desire. If parents wish to, they can be the ones to "guide" their children.

Best Coding Games for Kids in Preschool

1) Code Karts

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free

Code Karts teaches coding concepts to young children through logical issues disguised as a fun racetrack. This software gives plenty of excitement and diversity to kids. It has over 70 different levels and two different game types.

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (3)
45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (4)

The goal of this coding game is for players to utilize directional bricks to guide their race car to the finish line, creating a fun coding environment. Code Karts is one of the coding games for kids free available in over 20 other languages. It allows a wide spectrum of individuals to enjoy the game. It helps young children comprehend coding fundamentals, as well as directions and reasoning.

2) The Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

  • Platform: Boardgame
  • Price: $59.99

The Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set is a screen-free way to teach even the youngest programmers essential coding skills. It includes a Programmable Robot Mice, a cheese wedge, and an Activity Guide that allows kids to create limitless maze routes for their mouse.

After designing their maze, the students utilize the coding cards to tell their mouse where to go. The mouse can also light up, produce sounds, and move at two speeds, making the game more dynamic and entertaining.

3) LittleCodr

  • Platform: Card game
  • Price: $14.99

LittleCodr is unique among coding games even for the most inexperienced coders. It's a simple card game that is both amusing and develops gross motor function. LittleCodr was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter due to its participatory delight, lack of screen time, and interesting techniques of teaching programming to youngsters.

Kids acquire concepts like linear thinking, sequencing, prototyping, debugging, and coding by programming their parents or friends to execute ridiculous movements using basic action cards.

4) Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

  • Platform: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire
  • Price: Free

Fisher-Think Price's & Learn Code-a-pillar is an interactive game designed to help young children learn to code. It is one of the kid's coding games designed to provide fun learning and enhance the decision-making skills of kids.

Children will be able to help an enchanting and appealing caterpillar eat, play, and overcome a variety of obstacles while refining their reasoning and sequencing skills, as well as their number recognition and problem-solving abilities.

5) The Bee-Bot

  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: $74.95

This app assists young children in developing their programming and sequencing skills through the use of a fun and interactive game. The program, which is based on the adorable floor robot, has 12 different stages that get harder as the user progresses. Each level has a time limit and intriguing rewards, making it appealing to even the youngest hackers.

Bee-Bot moves in every direction that allows kids to practice their directional language. This game, which takes place in a peaceful landscape, is suitable for youngsters aged four and up.

6) Cubetto

  • Platform: Wooden robot
  • Price: $224

Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that uses a real-world, physical object to teach youngsters the fundamentals of computer programming. Cubetto lets kids handle and touch its bricks to tell the robot where to go through the adventure and hands-on play. You can combine it with unique books and maps to create a positive and all-encompassing experience that does not require the usage of an app or gadget.

7) Blockly Games

  • Platform: iOS + board game
  • Price: Free

Google's Blockly Games educates kids on coding and computer programming through various games. There's the Puzzle game, which teaches kids about Blockly's shapes and how to put them together, the Maze game, which introduces kids to coding concepts like loops and conditionals, the Birds game, which develops kids' knowledge of conditionals, the Turtle game, which immerses kids in a deep learning experience focused on loops, the Movie game, which teaches kids how to use maths to animate movie. Blockly is one of the most famous preschool computer games.

8) Osmo Coding Jam

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (5)
  • Platform: iOS + board game
  • Price: $60

Osmo Coding Jam is a fun board game that connects to an iOS app and lets youngsters use hands-on coding blocks to make their music. Even the youngest coders learn how to sequence and solve problems by physically changing the coding blocks on the board game. Children can learn rhythm, melody, and harmony through listening to music.

Music is advantageous to a child's development in numerous studies. When you combine that with the benefits of programming, you're guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable game on your hands.

9) Future Coders

  • Platforms: Coding Skills Kit
  • Price: $9.75

Future Coders is brought to you by ALEX Toys. They must grab the tiles with a special suction cup tool and place them on the provided grid according to the picture on their challenge card. These kinds of kids' coding games teach sequencing, problem-solving, and logical thinking in children aged four and up without the use of the internet or a device.

10) Kidlo Coding

  • Platform: iOS, Android, and Amazon Appstore.
  • Price: Free

Kidlo Coding is a website that uses interactive games to educate children on the fundamentals of coding and programming. There are over more than 50 games available. Some games teach the principles of coding, as well as games to teach the concept of sequencing, looping, debugging, and functions.

Children learn to recognize patterns, order actions in a logical sequence, solve problems, think logically, and many other abilities while playing these coding games.

Best Coding Games for Kids in Kindergarten

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (6)

1) CodeSpark Academy

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (7)
  • Platforms: iOS/Android/ Kindle Fire/ Windows
  • Price: Free CodeSpark Academy is a multi-award-winning software that has taught coding principles to over 20 million children in over 200 countries. This software uses an interactive interface to bring joy from the screen to life by teaching all of the principles of computer programming to kids through puzzles, games, and projects.

Your youngster will have a hard time putting this one down, with individualized daily activities depending on their progress, an intriguing curriculum built by research from MIT, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon, and new subscription app material added every month.

2) Kodable

  • Platforms: Browser, iOS
  • Price: Free ($29 for unlimited version)

Kodable breaks down computer science issues into simple concepts that kids can utilize for the rest of their lives, with over 70 different classes integrating both on-screen and off-screen components.

Each session includes all of the resources, and the coding skills students learn can be applied to other areas such as critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and creativity.

Your child can develop a lifelong love of learning through interactive games, and you can ensure that their fun will help them prepare for higher education concepts through carefully crafted standards. It also connects to an app that unlocks different avatars as kids progress through the levels, creating engagement and motivation.

3) Cork the Volcano

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (8)
  • Platform: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and board game
  • Price: $99.99

Cork the Volcano is an engaging game that is entirely beyond the screen, combining hands-on tiles with an interactive app. Kids can use 22 programming Puzzlets (tiles) to navigate characters through the game, engaging the intellect and providing each player with a new way of thinking. These coding games for kids free deal with puzzles and have different levels.

While the first puzzles introduce Left, Right, and Jump components, later puzzles incorporate Modifiers and new characters as the game progresses in complexity and setting.

4) Scratch Jr.

  • Platforms: iOS/Android/Kindle Fire/ Chromebook
  • Price: Free Scratch, Jr. offers crucial new skills to young children (ages 5-7) as they learn to program their interactive games and stories. It is a simplified version based on the widely usedScratch programminglanguage. Scratch Jr is a block-based programming language similar to Scratch, but for younger children.

Kids customize their characters and storylines by dragging and dropping blocks in different orders on both platforms. Scratch Jr is largely available as a tablet app, whereas Scratch is an internet software. It also emphasizes social development in young children. This software was created by renowned specialists to better match the cognitive, personal, social, and emotional advancement of younger children, so you can rest assured that it is appropriate for your child.

5) CoderBunnyz

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (9)
  • Platforms: Boardgame
  • Price: $34.85

It was designed and built by a 9-year-old. CoderBunnyz is a highly interactive approach to introduce coding to the whole family, with 13 stages of kinesthetic learning that expand with your child's ability levels.

The game entails using code cards to program robot bunny game tokens. The ultimate goal is to eat the carrot, then arrive at the destination before the other players on time. Sequencing, looping, functions, branches, debugging, and inheritance are just a few of the basic and advanced programming principles covered by CoderBunnyz.

6) Dash Robot

  • Platforms: Robot and app
  • Price: $149.99

Dash Robot is a real robot that comes fully charged and ready to play right away. Your youngster may assist Dash in performing new activities, such as dancing and singing, as well as moving and navigating around stuff, via a connected app. It is one of the best coding games for kids that allows you to customize the program to your child's individual needs

Dash differs from other games in that it has a variety of apps that cater to different age groups, learning levels, and play styles. It provides kids with the pleasure that is tailor-made for them. It also comes with several optional attachments.

7) Move The Turtle

  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free

Move The Turtle is an educational app for the iPhone and iPad that uses a friendly Turtle to teach children the fundamentals of programming. Your child will learn how to design complicated activities using simple pieces, reuse previously completed work, and use visuals and sound in programming by completing challenges. While playing an entertaining and interactive game, your youngster will become acquainted with the basics of loops, procedures, variables, and conditional commands.

8) RoboZZle

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (10)
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free

It is a "social puzzle game, in which by programming a robot moves in different directions to solve puzzles. The full edition of the free online game requires Silverlight to be installed on your browser, but there is also a "lite" version that operates on JavaScript. Users who have solved 40 riddles can design and submit their own for other gamers to test.

9)Robot Turtles

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (11)
  • Platforms: Boardgame
  • Price: $24.99

The next generation of board games is Robot Turtles. While playing a fun and engaging hands-on game, your children will feel in charge and will learn all of the fundamental concepts of programming at the same time. Your child will learn how to create code, diagnose problems, and use basic functions by using simple commands to program the Robot Turtle. It unlocks new difficulties as they play, giving the game new life and allowing it to grow alongside them.

10) Ozobot Bit

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (12)
  • Platforms: Robot
  • Price: $59.00

It is a STEM beginning kit that includes DIY stickers, color code markers, an OzoDice game, and 25 other activities, making it one of the best smart toys for kids. It sketches lines or color codes to trace your child's journey, whether it's a map, a maze, or even a vast cityscape. The Bit is a fantastic way for children to interact with a programming robot without the need for screens or the internet.

Best Coding Games for Kids in Elementary School

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (13)

1) Minecraft

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (14)
  • Platforms: Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One are some of the platforms available.
  • Price: $6.99 (app), $26.95 (PC and Mac)

Minecraft is one of the most popular programming games for youngsters, with over 100 million registered users as of this writing. Minecraft is, at its essence, a game about putting bricks together to create objects and going on adventures.

Adults may find the game's graphics to be outdated, while children are enthralled by the game's simple aesthetics and unique pictures. Minecraft's appeal is that it allows youngsters to construct and explore almost indefinitely while also providing objectives and goals to aid in problem-solving, creativity, and logical thinking.

The Minecraft community is still growing and expanding, with no indications of slowing down. Even those who have never played the game have heard of it (and the iconic pixelated graphics). Minecraft is also one of the best games for players to release their creativity in because of its sandbox settings, nearly endless play options, and lack of precise restrictions.

2) Tynker

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (15)
  • Platform: iOS/Android/Chromebook
  • Price: Free

Tynker is an interactive game that makes programming accessible and exciting for kids, regardless of their prior familiarity with the material. It has won several honors, including the Parents' Choice Gold Award for coding games for kids. Kids may write interactive stories, edit Minecraft, program drones, and learn other STEM topics by using intuitive graphic blocks to construct games. It is among the most interactive programming games for kids.

3) Bitsbox

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (16)
  • Platform: Subscription box
  • Price: $40 per month

Bitsbox is unique among the games on this list in that it is a monthly subscription box that includes exceptional information on various computer science topics. Your youngster will receive a package every month with different coding tasks ranging from beginner to advanced. They type the provided code into the associated app and then tweak it to make it their own using the materials.

Every month, the apps and materials are updated, ensuring that there is always something new and intriguing to try. Bitsbox is compatible with any web-enabled computer, phone, or tablet.

4) ROBOT Wars Coding game

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (17)
  • Platform: Boardgame
  • Price: $19.99

This board game is suitable for youngsters aged seven and up and may be enjoyed by the entire family. ROBOT WARS is a game that combines the Java programming language with English commands for students to see if they can maneuver their robot through an artificial conflict zone.

In these kids coding games they select their favorite CELEB and program their robot to follow the commands on the instruction card. Sequential logic, conditional logic, functions, looping, bugs, and robotic movements are among the programming techniques covered in Robot Wars.

5) Scratch

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (18)
  • Platform: Browser
  • Price: Free Scratch is a programming language and online community created by MIT educators that allow youngsters to learn the fundamentals of coding and progress to more sophisticated themes and concepts.

Children can improve their programming abilities while also enhancing their creativity, reasoning skills, and learning how to successfully collaborate on projects through interactive games, stories, and animations. These are all essential qualities for 21st-century employees.

6) Botley the coding Robot Activity Set

  • Platform: Robot
  • Price: $79.99 Botley is an interactive robot created by educational provider Learning Resources that introduce coding to young children in a friendly, easy, and engaging way. It can be programmed for up to 80 steps without the use of a computer or iPad, including more advanced programming commands like looping.

Botley may grow with your child, getting more demanding as time goes on, thanks to advanced features and steps. It also has a black line follow mode that allows users to draw a line with any type of marker and have it followed by the robot.

7) Code Master

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (19)
  • Platform: Boardgame
  • Price: $19.99

Code Master is a logic-based programming game that teaches kids the fundamentals of coding without the use of a computer. In the game, the player is given an Avatar with which they must navigate the board.

The game assists the Avatar as they travel across the exotic planet in search of power Crystals, eventually taking them to the Portal. Code Master has 60 different levels, so there's never a dull moment! It covers the fundamentals of programming as well as planning, sequential thinking, and problem-solving.

8) Code: On the Brink

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (20)
  • Platform: Boardgame
  • Price: $14.99

Code: On the Brink is one of a series of games aimed at helping kids develop all of the skills they'll need to become effective coders and understand even more difficult programming concepts in the future. Kids will be able to steer their robot along a path from start to end without the aid of a screen by scripting "procedures" that help it move along colored paths.

The youngsters will face 40 distinct tasks, and their goal is to figure out the exact sequence of steps for each colored path. Sequencing, problem-solving, and planning are among the abilities taught in the board game.

9) Code Monkey

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (21)
  • Platform: Browser
  • Price: Free CodeMonkey employs game-based learning to keep kids involved and motivated to learn more about coding, from the fundamentals to real programming languages. The pictures are cute, the language is kid-friendly, and the games are amusing.

Kids will have to write code in CodeMonkey's text-based editor to help Monkey (the eponymous character) cross the river, solve arithmetic problems with Dodo, or collect bananas for Turtle.

CoffeeScript, a programming language comparable to JavaScript, is one of the languages used by CodeMonkey. It offers a more user-friendly syntax that is closer to English, making it perfect for children and new coders.

10) Goldieblox

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (22)
  • Platform: iOS
  • Price: Free

Goldieblox, the winner of the Toy of the Year award from the Toy Industry Association and the iOS App of the Year award from Apple, is shaking up the industry and pushing gender preconceptions with the world's first female engineer character. Goldie and her companion Ruby are attempting to deliver cupcakes in this game, but they require assistance in obtaining directions.

Kids will have a pleasure programming the characters all across town while learning the fundamentals of coding. It is one of the best coding games for kids since it shows girls that they can be anything they choose.

Best Coding Games for Kids in Middle School

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (23)

1) Swift Playgrounds

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (24)
  • Platform:iOS
  • Price: Free Swift Playgrounds is an innovative iPad game that uses interactive puzzles to help children learn and play with code. Swift Playgrounds is a platform for experimentation and creation while teaching the fundamental definitions, words, functions, and directions of coding.

It is built on Apple's advanced programming language, which is used by the vast majority of experts when developing mobile apps. Players can customize the program with their photos, graphics, sounds, and files, and new coding challenges are given regularly to keep it expanding and changing.

2) Hopscotch

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (25)
  • Platform:iOS
  • Price: Free Hopscotch is a platform for kids to explore projects and learn how to code and design their games, with over 10 million downloads and more than 26 million games published to date. Hopscotch's completely controlled community also allows users to access other people's ideas to play, alter, or remix them, offering inspiration and collaboration. It's compatible with Apple's iOS platform.

The software also includes thorough video tutorials that teach users how to create famous games, with the complexity level increasing as they improve as programmers.

3) Code Car

  • Platform: Coding Kit
  • Price: $45.0 Code Car is a computer that is shaped like a car that can be programmed and controlled by children. All features of the car can be set to act in a specific way, whether it's turning on the headlights and taillights, sounding the siren, or applying the brakes.

Horn noises, auto alarms, or ice cream truck music can all be programmed into a speaker in the vehicle's center. It is one of the most exciting coding games for kids online. Kids will be learning the real, typed coding language C++ as these projects are added to the Code Car. The kit links to a straightforward coding editor that runs on Mac, Windows, or Chromebooks

4) Mimo

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (26)
  • Platform:iOS
  • Price: Free

Mimo is a simple platform that offers bite-sized coding lessons, projects, and challenges in a fun and engaging manner. Your youngster can use Mimo to learn to code, create websites, automate tasks, create apps, and more.

Kids will feel more like they are playing a game than taking an instructional lesson with daily goals, streaks, and accomplishment badges. Mimo also includes ongoing expansions and upgrades, ensuring that it remains current as your child grows.

5) Lightbot

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (27)
  • Platform: Browser,iOS,Android
  • Price: Free (Browser),$2.99 on iOS or Android Lightbot is an entertaining game that gets kids hooked on coding in minutes. It has been featured by Apple in over 100 countries and has won numerous accolades.

Lightbot is a programming puzzle game that requires players to use commands to lead a robot to light up tiles and complete stages while learning basic programming concepts like procedures, loops, and conditionals. Kids will enjoy competing and learning in this game, which features 50 levels and 20 challenge stars to acquire.

6) Code. org

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (28)
  • Platform: iOS/Android
  • Price: Free

Code.org is a non-profit that offers various free coding courses that allow students to move through stages. Students have access to a range of lessons, offline tasks, and tutorials and can work at their own pace. Teachers can utilize a dashboard to assign tasks and track student progress.

Students in Code.org courses, on the other hand, do not have as much flexibility to experiment or compete with one another. This curriculum may bore some students, particularly those who are older.

7) Codemancer

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (29)
  • Platform:iOS
  • Price: Free

Codemancer is a fantastically instructive fantasy game that teaches children how to code.

This game is aimed at children aged 6 to 12, begins with basic coding ideas before swiftly progressing to more complex concepts such as variables, conditionals, and functions. Players will follow Aurora, a female protagonist, as she tries to become self-sufficient and remain moral in a world full of physical and moral problems.

Codemancer takes a novel, fanciful approach to teaching coding to youngsters, with a narrative backbone, vivid locales, and lots of rival sorcerers and minions to keep the game exciting.

8) SpriteBox

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (30)
  • Platform:iOS
  • Price: Free on a few platforms and cost is $4.99

SpriteBox is a logic puzzle game developed by the same team that brought you LightBot. SpriteBox is a platformer game (similar to Super Mario Bros.) that teaches the fundamentals of coding.

Students will enter "code mode" at various moments throughout the game to progress through the levels. The full edition of SpriteBox costs $4.99, however, there is a free version available, just as LightBot.

The free edition of SpriteBox has four levels, each of which covers a different topic of coding. These courses will only take up approximately an hour of class time.

9) Hour of Code

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (31)
  • Platform: Browser
  • Price: Free Every year during Computer Science Education Week, the Hour of Code provides a one-hour introduction to computer science. The tools on the Hour of Code website, on the other hand, can be used at any time of year! It's a terrific location to get your feet wet with teaching your pupils to code, with hundreds of activities to select from.

Using filters like grade level and classroom technology, you may select the most suitable activities for your school.

10) Qbotik

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (32)
  • Platform:iOS/Android
  • Price: Free Qbotik is an iOS/Android software that teaches kids about rotation, torque, and motorized joints, among other things. The objective is to use a robotic arm to grab various cubes. As you go through the stages, the tasks become increasingly difficult.

There are numerous robot toys available, but only a few genuinely capture the essence of robotics. Qbotik is an outlier. The purpose is to "rescue" cubes, with each level presenting progressively harsh tasks.

Best Coding Games for Teens (High School & Up)

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (33)

1) Codea

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (34)
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free Codea is a code editor that allows you to create interactive games and simulations by transforming your ideas into code. Codea is a visual code editor for teens and older students that allows you to touch the code to change or update it.

Kids may input their code, press play to watch it run, then interact with it to see what occurs, such as altering the colors, adding images, and tweaking the sounds. Users can also share code with others in the community, allowing them to view and learn from the creations of other kids.

2) CodeCombat

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (35)
  • Platforms: Browser
  • Price: Free CodeCombat is a platform for high school students to acquire computer science and programming skills while playing a fascinating and realistic game. This is among the most played online coding games for kids.

CodeCombat is a fantastic coding game for kids and parents who have little to no coding experience, giving a medium that rewards productive struggle, which leads to effective learning. Teens will have hours of fun figuring this one out because it has been proven to be a gaming challenge that fosters engagement, discovery, and trial-and-error.

3) DevKit

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (36)
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free DevKit is billed as the world's only mobile software that allows users to design, write, test, and export their apps directly from their handset.

DevKit, which won the Best Mobile App Awards for Best Educational App, allows kids and teens to easily build each of their pages using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Your child may learn everything they need to know directly inside the app with free curriculum content like video lessons, eBooks, in-app assessments, and PowerPoints.

4) CargoBot

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (37)
  • Platforms: iPad
  • Price: Free CargoBot is a puzzle app. A programmable robot and 36 puzzles are included in the game. Teens must program the robot to move containers within each challenge, which range in difficulty from simple to complex. Teens learn how to approach problems to solve them fast and efficiently by playing the game. It is one of the free coding games for kids.

5) Hack and Slash

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (38)
  • Platforms: Browser
  • Price: Free Hack and Slash is an entertaining coding game that mixes programming and riddles in a compelling plot. Everyone has been ordered to stay in the village by an evil wizard. Teens play as the game's villagers, attempting to escape and defeat the wizard by reprogramming things, altering plot variables and creature behavior, and rewriting the game's code.

6) Space Chem

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (39)
  • Platforms: Browser
  • Price: Free

Space Chem Students take on the role of a reactor engineer for SpaceChem, the "leading chemical synthesizer for frontier colonies" in this game. With an intriguing tale, this coding game combines puzzles with programming. Construction of functional laboratories and meeting production quotas are among the hurdles, all while avoiding meetings with the "things" that stalk the SpaceChem facility.

7) Codemoji

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (40)
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free

Codemoji is an emoji-based coding tool that aims to demystify coding for kids who communicate with emoticons regularly. In the game, each element of syntax corresponds to an emoji. The courses follow a logical progression and focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript rather than syntax or typing.

Some reviewers complain that Codemoji's instructor dashboard is problematic and that once pupils reach a particular level, the design components accessible are limited. Many children benefit from Codemoji's fundamental message, which is that coding doesn't have to be any more complex than emoji communication.

8) Code Hunt

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (41)
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free

Code Hunt is a reasonably simple – but vast – educational game from Microsoft Research that is one of the lesser-known coding games for youngsters. Players can learn the fundamentals of either C# or Java (depending on their preference) by completing a series of coding puzzles spread out over several levels, each one a little more difficult than the last. Alliterations begin with some type of introduction and instruction, making it accessible to even the most inexperienced users (compared to some other games on this list).

Each layer includes an additional challenge: the player's code will be assessed for correct usage and code quality. This may be irritating at first, but it's an excellent taste of the real-world practical experience.

9) Robocode.

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (42)
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free

Robocode could be the perfect game for kids who enjoy robots, tanks, and winning head-to-head battle games. It's a challenging programming game in which players must create the finest robot battle tank in Java or.NET to battle other robot battle tanks.

The robot combat takes place in real-time and on-screen, allowing players to keep track of their progress. The AI for the Robocode robot war tanks will be programmed in Java, while other programming languages like C#, Scala, and Kotlin may also be employed. It implies the player must compose a complete screenplay dictating the robot's actions, reactions, and motions.

10) GameStar Mechanic

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (43)
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free

This app teaches children how to code their video games. Learn to code by playing GameStar Mechanic. It is available free of cost on online platforms. Gamestar Mechanic helps coders learn game design, code, and create their video games through enjoyable, game-based quests. It's a popular choice in ICT classes because it's free to play and learn at home and school.


45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (44)

The world is changing at a dizzying pace, just like the technology and education industries. As a result, future generations will need to be well-prepared to adapt to the changes. Codeyoung platform provides an opportunity to learn coding games for kids - learn how to code intriguingly.

  • Codeyoungprovides a lively and inquisitive learning atmosphere. Web development, JAVA programming, Python, SCRATCH, and other languages are among the courses available to students in grades 1 through 8.

  • It is a STEM.ORG Certified STEM Accreditation: STEM.ORG certifies that courses are STEM-aligned and provide the best fundamental coding for children.

  • It provides Peer-to-peer learning: This strategy involves pupils passing on their expertise to their peers, resulting in a coding class for kids.

  • Receive a certificate of completion from a respected institute with the TOSC IIT Kanpur Certificate.

  • SANDBOX is a collaborative coding environment that allows you to learn to code while also interacting.

  • It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with students from more than ten countries around the world.

  • Coding Contests: Codeyoung hosts coding contests such as coder of the week and hackathons.

  • Our instructors are not only excellent coders, but they also have years of expertise and certifications from prestigious universities. Mentors who are patient and capable of teaching youngsters are in the top 1% of mentors.

  • Students have VIP access to all events and competitions for the rest of their lives.

  • Get fortnightly updates on your child's progress and performance. Codeyoung services are always available to ensure that children have a stress-free learning environment.

You can try any of the above-mentioned paid and free coding games for kids to get started coding and have an incredible time! Codeyoung provides the finest curriculum that teaches students using real-world applications.

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Can kids code a game?

Codingis a life skill that your child or student will benefit from for the rest of their lives, regardless of age. Online websites and some internet games will educate children on how to think like a computer coder. These games will teach programming ideas like loops and sequencing and other elements that will aid your kids to code a game.

What are some easy games to code?

If your kids already know the fundamentals of programming in a game development language, I recommend giving the games a try before reading any of my step-by-step instructions. Scratch is the first step to start with. Then, the code games for kids can be Pong, Minefield, Simon, Sliding game, Memory Puzzle, Tic-Tac-Toe that can be coded easily.

How do kids code games for free?

Many websites and platforms provide coding games for kids - learn how to code effectively. Some of them are Codeyoung, Code.org, CodeCombat.com, code monkey, CoderKids, etc.

How do I teach my 8-year-old to code?

Coding classes, games, apps, presents, and toys are all available to assist your 8-year-old in taking their programming talents to the next level. Your kid can start with playing some games with your kids and then write the code. Scratch is a visual, drag-and-drop programming language that allows students to create interactive tales, games, and animations. Then students can show off their creations by sharing the programs they write with others.

45 Best Coding Games for Kids in 2024 (2024)


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