Classroom Rules and Policies (2024)

Attendance & Discipline:
Much of my teaching in first grade is hands-on. In order for this year to be a successful learning experience, it is extremely important that your son/daughter arrives to school before 9:00 and attends every school day. Most children are not tardy or absent more than 5 times during any given school year. If an absence is unavoidable, any missed work will be saved in a folder. The folder will go home on the first day your child is back to school. They will then be given two school days for each day they have missed, to turn in the completed work.

**If your child is sick, PLEASE DO NOT send him/her to school. If a student needs to be absent, I will save the missed work and send it home after the student returns to school. In case of longer absences and/or quarantine, we will work together to make a plan for work to be sent home or for online learning.**

I will be using a positive behavior management strategy of positive reinforcement, including Principal's Pride Club tickets, classroom tickets, special "dots", and/or popcorn (pom-poms) for examples of good behavior. Classroom tickets are used to purchase items from our class treasure chest.

Our classroom rules are:
1. Follow adult directions
2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
3. Follow the red and green sign (red means no talking unless called on; green means quiet talking with a partner/group)
4. Stay on task
5. Show Respect

The class will also earn points together which will lead to periodic class rewards.

Consequences for not following class rules are:
1. Warning
2. Needing to change activity
3. Pay teacher tickets
4. Parent contact.I will communicate regularly with parents about both positive behavior and consequences, and I encourage parents to let me know about any questions or concerns you may have concerning your child. I'd rather take care of a situationimmediately instead of letting it simmer for a while. Most likely, I can take care of the situation without any problems.

Ridge View Elementary will supply school supplies such as crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, pencil box, large eraser, small pencil erasers and a homework folder.

PLEASE do not send additional pencil boxes, regular markers, colored pencils, fancy pens, etc. to school; keep these for use at home. Your child will be asked to take home any items other than pencils, that they bring to school. Please keep all toys at home as well. On special occasions we will have an opportunity to have a stuffed animal join us at school. I will let you know when that is scheduled. :)

If possible, please have your child bring a reusable water bottle to school every day. If you cannot send one, I will provide.

CELL PHONES/Smart Watches and other electronic devices (including games) must be turned OFF and kept in the student's backpack during the school day. Students may take them out at the end of the school day, once they have left the building, in order to contact parents. If students need to contact parents during a school day, I will have them use the phone in the office. This in accordance with school policy.

Online Learning:

Students will be using three main websites this year: Raz Kids, Seesaw, and Lexia.RAZ KIDS:
We will be using the Raz Kids website ( for at-home reading. Please see the "Homework" page on this site for more details.SEESAW:
We will use Seesaw for reading and math activities and online learning. You can download Seesaw as an app or go to the website ( Login information will be provided for each student. Students can complete and turn in work on this app, and you as a parent can communicate with me this way (as well as through email).


Students will use Lexia for reading work at school ( If desired, they can also use Lexia at home.

Book Orders:
I participate in Scholastic Book Club ordering. This is a wonderful and inexpensive way to build home libraries. Book orders will come home occasionally during the year. I encourage everyone to order. Now it’s easier than ever to find the right books for your child.

Best of all, our class earns a FREE book every time a parent places an order online!

The website is:
My teacher code for online orders is: HLT4G

Classroom Rules and Policies (2024)


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