Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (2024)

Sat 27th, July 2024

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The Inflatable 5k Experience

Get ready to bounce your way through The World's BIGGEST and most EPIC Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course!

This event is taking place at Coventry on Sat 27th, July 2024, and it's going to be BIGGER, BOUNCIER, and BETTER than ever before! The excitement has been pumped up to the MAX, you'll be jumping, sliding, and laughing your way to the finish line like never before.
So grab your friends, lace up your trainers, and get ready for the ultimate inflatable adventure!

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Where & When?

University Of Warwick

Sat 27th, July 2024
Start times from 09:00 until 14:30

We've added three additional brand new obstacles, meaning you will tackle 32 gigantic obstacles on the 5K distance. Combined with five pumping music zones to motivate you around the course, this year's Inflatable 5K is the most epic yet!

Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (5)

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Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (6)

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5k 32 Obstacles Adult £34.00 £55.00 Child £24.00 £45.00 2.5k 17 Obstacles Adult £29.00 £50.00 Child £19.00 £40.00 10k 62 Obstacles Adult £44.00 £65.00 Child £34.00 £55.00 15k 92 Obstacles Adult £49.00 £70.00 Child £39.00 £60.00

Adult: 16+ / Child: 5 to 15yrs

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Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (7) Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (8) Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (9)

Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (10)

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Great event held at Norfolk Showground last weekend. Event staff were friendly and helpful. Obstacles were so much fun!


Always well organised with brilliant support from the onsite team. The atmosphere is always good and I would recommend taking part to everyone

Jenny F.


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Event Pre-information

Arrival Time

Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your start time.


Parking is charged at £5 per car, please have the exact change ready for our parking marshals.


Please print / screenshot your E-Ticket and present it upon entering the venue to collect your running bibs and please ensure to turn dark mode/night mode off when showing your E-ticket.


Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at our events.


Toilets are provided at the venue. Please look for signs or ask a member of staff.

Bag Drop

Bag drop is £3.00 per bag. Please keep bags to a gym duffle size or smaller. Larger items won't be permitted. All bags will be searched by a member of the UKRE Team for event safety and security.

Event Kit List

Sensible running shoes and a long sleeve top. Bring a rain jacket if wet weather is forecast. We love to see runners in fancy dress, so don't hold back! Please do not wear any sharp jewellery or carry sharp objects that could cause injury.


Children between 5 - 15 years old must be accompanied by a paying participating adult (3:1 child:adult ratio) Unfortunately, if this is not met, you will not be able to participate at our event.


Friends and family are welcome to come along and watch in the designated spectator areas only, for no extra charge. Spectators cannot roam around the entire course and must keep off the marked out course and obstacles. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.

Drink Station

Water will be stationed midway along the route to keep you hydrated.

Food & Drink

There will be food and drink vendors on-site.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (31)

Worried about losing your money due to unforeseen circ*mstances? Add ticket protect and receive a full refund if you are unable to attend the event. See full terms and conditions here.

Coventry - Fun Inflatable 5K Obstable Course (2024)


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